Recruitment and staffing from EU member states
Regarding people, recruitment and staffing from EU member states, the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) is detailed. Our HR, global mobility and tax experts are limbered up and ready to guide you safely down the Brexit slalom of all-things people-related. Residential status, employment law, work permits, immigration, taxes, furlough, remote working in different jurisdictions, repatriation…the actual list will depend on your specific circumstances.

Now is the time for you to ask us all those practical questions. What about payroll? How should income tax be calculated? What about social security for a UK employer seconded in an EU state? How does the points-based immigration system work? Which employment levies apply?

You as an employer have already got your employees to check their specific residence requirements and right to work either through the EU Settlement Scheme or the relevant authority in the host EU27 state. If you second employees internationally between the UK and EU27, you’ll need us to get you up to speed on a whole raft of issues you’ve never considered before, such as agency worker standards, anti-discrimination law, and health and safety.

And then there’s healthcare – does the European Health Insurance Card scheme still exist? Can intra-corporate transferees be accompanied by their partners and dependents? For students, what’s the difference between the old Erasmus scheme and the new Turing scheme?

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