Moore Kingston Smith Action day

For several years, Moore Kingston Smith has been organising an annual Action Day. Some 500 people from within the firm and associated businesses team up to spend the day working in local communities in London. Schools, adventure playgrounds, residential care homes, halfway houses, city farms and YMCAs all get lavished with our industry-grade elbow grease.

We work with local projects and charities where we can make a real difference. Building repairs, painting and decorating, manure shovelling, reading assistance, pond dredging…nothing is too much effort.

The time spent organising the day plus the time out of the office on Action Day itself amounts to some £400,000 per annum. However, the aggregate contribution we make to our local communities is far greater than this because so many people benefit from it.

Take a look at photos and tweets from the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Action Days.