Moore Kingston Smith Creative Vision Award

As trusted business advisers to the media and charities sectors, we wanted to invest in the sectors where we work. We understand that fundraising is the principal activity of a charity and that time and money are precious resources.

So, we created an opportunity for charities and film producers to work together to produce something creative, tangible and positive in the form of a short film that raises awareness of a worthwhile cause.

Moore Kingston Smith’s Creative Vision Award (MKSCVA) offers charities the chance to have a short animated film made to promote their work. Each film is worth £150,000 and can be used on social media, TV and online platforms. The films are created under the guidance of renowned industry professionals by students and recent graduates of animation and visual effects – kudos for them as well as the charities.

The MKSCVA has been running since 2015 and our winning charities have been able to make a real difference as a result of their winning films. Watch their videos here – they’re incredibly compelling!

Are you inspired to enter your charity next year? Or do you know a charity that should apply?

Visit the MKSCVA website for full details.