Starting a media business

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Starting your own business is challenging, but can be very rewarding when your hard work comes to fruition and you are running a successful business. The turbulent economy has increased the pressure on established businesses and their owners but has created a good opportunity for entrepreneurs who can create a compelling offer for prospective clients.…


Association Management – Brochure

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Moore Kingston Smith Association Management (MKSAM) is one of the largest association management companies in the UK and is part of the Moore Kingston Smith group of companies; a top 20 firm of chartered accountants and business advisers. MKSAM have an experienced and dedicated team of specialists who work closely with not for profit organisations…


Our 2019 community engagement report

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Welcome to Moore Kingston Smith’s 2018/19 community engagement report. As a firm, we are driven by people achieving their potential – our internal people and our clients. And we believe it is our responsibility to harness our potential and give back to the communities around us. By providing support and guidance to local people, businesses…


Fundraising and Management Brochure

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Charitable giving is a huge part of global society – with over £10 billion being donated by individuals in the UK alone per year. Fundraising is the process of accessing this pool of money, using a range of techniques to encourage and solicit donations for organisations delivering public benefit. Getting the right advice Fundraising is…


Moore Kingston Smith 60 Second Property Poll – the results

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Thank you to everyone that took part in our recent Monopoly themed property poll. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding the results.


Moore Kingston Smith Financial Advisers: Autumn 2019 Bulletin

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With the Brexit deadline looming, the European Union has agreed to enter into talks with Britain to try and break the deadlock over Brexit, the effect of which has lifted the financial markets with a sign that a deal could be done before 31 October deadline. While in times of uncertainty, it is very easy…


Recovery Matters – Autumn 2019: UK high street reaches new low

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Ian Robert, partner at Moore Kingston Smith Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, welcomes you to the autumn edition of Recovery Matters. The story of the ailing UK high street is not an old one. High-profile store closures such as Debenhams, House of Fraser and very recently Thomas Cook have hit the headlines on a regular basis, highlighting…


Tax Facts 2019/20

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Your online guide to UK tax rates for 2019/20  


Gift Aid Reporting

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The administration of Gift Aid can be complex but is rarely reviewed within a charity. The ever-changing landscape of tax legislation can result in many charities being unaware that they have serious issues. Long-standing and often innocent mistakes can create significant problems.


Managing your VAT

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VAT is a significant cost to the charity sector. It is also regularly changing due to evolving rules in both the EU and the UK. This can affect how your charity generates its funding and carries out it various activities. Regularly reviewing your VAT affairs ensures risks are managed and all available opportunities are identified…