Social Media and the Employment Relationship

Start date: April 29, 2015 4.30pm

The use of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn has become an integral part of business and employees’ daily lives. Used well, it is an important method of communicating with clients and customers to develop business. Used badly, misuse of social media at work and outside of the workplace can have a detrimental impact on the business, its reputation, employees and their co-workers. It can lead to unforeseen consequences and liability for the business, legal proceedings and the need for disciplinary sanctions for employees.

HR Insight invites managers, business owners and HR Professionals to attend a seminar to examine the “cradle to grave” legal risks that arise for employers/businesses, how employment policies can minimise risk and how Tribunals have approached cases where social media arises as an issue. 

Our engaging seminar will consolidate knowledge and skills in this developing area of employment law giving managers and professionals to tackle these issues with confidence when they arise.

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Date: April 29, 2015

Time: 4.30pm

Speaker Panel:

Linda Powell, Head of Legal, HR Insight Limited


Kingston Smith W1
141 Wardour Street

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