Status of Workers

Start date: February 24, 2016 4.30pm

Permanent Employees, Fixed Term Employees or Casual workers, Freelancers or Contractors? Volunteers or Interns?
What’s the difference?
In this seminar we will be talking about the differences between these different categories and status of different workers that you may employ.
Adam will cover the following areas on this subject:

  • What is an employee?
  • What is a volunteer?
  • What is an intern?
  • The differences between these groups of workers
  • The pros and cons of taking on different types of workers
  • Case law examples relating to this topic

The seminar will conclude with a Q&A session.

Date: February 24, 2016

Time: 4.30pm

Speaker Panel:

Adam Flight
Principal Consultant, HR Insight


Devonshire House
60 Goswell Road

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