The Essentials of Discrimination Law

Start date: May 20, 2015 4.30pm

We live in a more litigious society and employees are increasingly aware of their legal rights in the workplace. Employment law and discrimination cases are frequently in the press and on the news, particularly where there is a European slant, as they make good copy.

Employers, business owners and managers need to have an overview of discrimination law to ensure they operate effectively in the working environment, and to ensure they have sufficient knowledge to tackle issues that arise amongst staff appropriately. A lack of knowledge in this area, makes it impossible to navigate business safely and can lead to costly consequences for employers if they get it wrong. Our engaging seminar will explain what amounts to discrimination and the particular characteristics that are protected by law. We will look at the types of discriminatory behaviour that an individual is protected from, the defences that are open to employers and the levels of awards that exist. Delegates will get a chance to consolidate their new skills by reviewing a short practical scenario.

Learning Objective: This engaging seminar will enable attendees to strengthen knowledge and skills in this area to tackle issues proactively, and with confidence.

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Date: May 20, 2015

Time: 4.30pm

Speaker Panel:

Linda Powell, Head of Legal, HR Insight Limited


Kingston Smith W1 office
141 Wardour Street

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