May 22nd, 2020 / Insight posted in Articles, Operations, People

Assessing effective remote-working using psychometric tools

As the world moves towards a new normal and businesses start deciding what that means for them in the long term, many will be considering more permanent arrangements for homeworking and working more flexibly.

For now, working at home has been enforced and everyone is doing their best to cope. However, when normal life resumes, businesses will be concerned about the effectiveness of remote-working on an enduring basis.

Everyone works differently at home, and managers need to adapt to that. Businesses are beginning to see the need to assess the individuals within their workforce on their ability to adapt to working remotely. An efficient way of gaining insight into employees’ strengths and aptitudes is to conduct a psychometric test based on specific criteria.

Working in conjunction with our partner SHL, an AI technology firm specialising in employee development and recruitment, we work with businesses to profile employees against three competencies:

  • Work relationships: maintaining good relationships, offering help.
  • Work habits: working autonomously, using time effectively, staying focused.
  • Self-development and wellbeing: adapting to change, focusing on self-development, taking action.

The results accurately reveal employees’ tendencies, styles and preferences, which then enables managers to create a strategy not only for the workforce in its entirety but also in its individuality.

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