Black History Month – Proud to be: supporting black women in their working life experiences

30 September 2021 / Insight posted in Case studies

Dionne Amoo, Business Development Manager at Moore Kingston Smith, is a volunteer for Counter-Col Network (CCN) – a network that is dedicated to supporting black women in their working life experiences. As well as offering pragmatic support, such as affordable sources of coaching, counselling and legal services, CCN is a place for black women to feel solidarity and draw confidence from being around others with shared experience and understanding.

While volunteering with CCN, Dionne has been using her skills to build the CCN website, contribute to their future strategy and develop CCN communications to be concise, clear and welcoming for anyone who lands on their website.

Dionne says volunteering with CCN has been a transformative experience: “The whole experience has come from a negative and trying to turn it into a positive. Through CCN, I have realised that what I’ve been through is the result of a system, and I’ve been able to give myself a bit of a break. I’ve started to feel more empowered and confident about myself and my own experiences.”

In the future, Dionne will continue to be committed to CCN and their mission to make a better world, especially through support with their communications, strategy and events.

The three elements of CNN’s mission are to create the space for black women to restore, be empowered and achieve. Through their work, members see a different perspective and have an increased understanding of their own experiences, having found practical and accessible help and a safe space to talk. This leads to increased feelings of empowerment, increased ability to cope and increased wellbeing. Members find relatable stories and examples of others who have overcome adversity and found success, which in turn leads to Increased inspiration and aspiration to succeed and members finding more success in their professional life.

Moore Kingston Smith is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace and to transparency in that process. To find out more about diversity and inclusion at Moore Kingston Smith or the work of CNN, please contact Dionne Amoo:


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