Financial Times: Brexit delays probate fee increases, says Lynne Rowland

29 March 2019 / Insight posted in Press comments

Parliament’s time has been overwhelmed by Brexit, delaying the new probate fee increase indefinitely. Initially expected to be in place by 1 April 2019, the fees would see probate prices rise to a minimum of £250 from the existing fee of £215, potentially reaching a £6000 maximum charge.

Lynne Rowland explains: “For executors and bereaved families struggling in some cases to find an upfront payment of £6,000 before making a probate application, this is a welcome pause. But there is no suggestion that government plans have changed. Anyone considering being appointed as an executor should think very carefully before accepting this role. They need to be sure they will not be called on to help fund these fees, as bank accounts may be frozen until probate is granted.”

Lynne’s comments appear in articles in both the Financial Times and FT Adviser.