October 4th, 2016 / Insight posted in Newsletters

Charity Workshop – autumn 2016

The charity sector is already under increasing pressure following negative press coverage and a regulatory burden in respect of fundraising methods, so the Brexit vote has added another layer of concern to those charities funded by or involved with the European Union. Against this background, the Charity Commission has been revising its guidance to charities. It has reissued a number of key guides in the CC collection including those relating to reserves, trading and, recently, CC20 guidance on fundraising. In all cases, there seems to be a widening of the governance responsibilities of trustees at a time when charities are facing significant financial pressure.

In this newsletter we discuss some of these important changes, with a particular focus on the CC20 given the significance this has in relation to charities that do fundraising. We also look at what Brexit might mean to the charity sector and the increasing governance responsibilities of trustees.

We also briefly review the consultation in relation to the possible improvement of the recently issued FRS 102 SORP, for which many charities have been applying for the first time this year; as well as several other topical matters and emerging issues.