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Deleting the employer’s confidential info from an employee’s PC?

By Linda Powell How can employers best protect their business?  It has become increasingly common for an employee or worker to use their personal computers to work remotely.  This can save the employer considerable cost, but what about the issue of confidentiality of the information stored on that computer and what happens to information when the employment terminates? How does the employer protect his information?  A recent decision permitted an employer to view the contents of the employee’s home PCs, but this was a case where the evidence of misuse was strong.  What if you are not in the same position? What can you do to minimise your risk? Make sure you have comprehensive clear clauses in employment contracts to protect information. Label emails, documents and correspondence “confidential” so that there is no dispute.  Training staff to identify the types of information that are considered confidential is important, and can be used as evidence of knowledge in legal proceedings.  Updating confidentiality clauses in employment contracts and is really important to give employers the power to do this, as it is an invasion of privacy. If you have a similar problem, you may need to consider court action, and delay is fatal to any claim. Talk to the HR Insight Legal Team if you need some support in this area.