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Do you love your employer enough to get a tattoo of their company logo?

By Adam Flight Have you ever thought to yourself, “I love the company I work for so much, that I think I’ll get a tattoo of its logo?” I can hear many of you smiling and giggling at the thought and thinking how ridiculous it sounds. However, in a recent BBC News article, Chuck Runyon, the founder and boss of US gym chain Anytime Fitness (which has 1300 gyms worldwide, with a large number in the UK), says he is very proud of the fact that more than 2,000 people around the world now have his firm’s logo of a running man tattooed on their bodies. The phenomenon started in 2004 when a company manager was the first to get the tattoo for a dare, but customers soon followed suit. In addition, the business promises to reimburse everyone (approx. £60) who sends in a photograph with an explanation as to why they got inked. In the last few months, a New York-based real estate firm Rapid Realty has offered its 800 employees a 15% pay raise if they tattoo the company’s logo onto their bodies, and the offer is snowballing, according to CBS New York. So far, nearly 40 employees accepted the challenge, AOL Jobs reported. Years ago, tattoos were seen as part of a subculture but today, they are much more mainstream and acceptable in today’s society. However, last month there was a story reported, where a female executive was sacked from her job when bosses noticed that she had a tattoo on her foot, this goes to highlight that in certain workplaces they are still not accepted due to the perceived corporate image of many businesses. So would you consider getting a tattoo if offered a financial incentive? Many people already have tattoos of their favourite football team or certain designer brand but is it a step too far to get a tattoo of your company logo?