Enterprise series: the changing face of business – harnessing digital transformation for change

11 June 2021 / Insight posted in Enterprise series, Technical

Digital transformation can come in many guises, ranging from simple projects to major organizational change. Without expert guidance, projects have a high risk of failure and businesses could find themselves falling foul of GDPR, missing potential security breaches, or failing to build proper infrastructure among other things. In this webinar our panel of experts covered:

  • What is digital transformation and why is it important?
  • The difference between digitisation and digitalisation
  • The biggest barriers to digital transformation success
  • How IT infrastructure supports digital transformation
  • How digital transformation changes security needs
  • The risks of getting it wrong

Design thinking is a concept crucial to successful digital transformation. Becky Shields, Head of Digital Transformation at Moore Kingston Smith contributed to a government funded AI Readiness toolkit. The toolkit provides a unique set of collaborative design tools founded on robust design practice, click here to download a copy.

Our digital transformation services are designed to arm our clients with the knowledge and expertise to make the right choices when harnessing technology within their business. Please contact us for a conversation on how we can help you.

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