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Equal Pay Audits – they won’t apply to my business….will they?

By Linda Powell From on 1 October 2014, Equal Pay Audits become law. Would your business know what to do if faced with the task of providing one? Equal pay is still an issue for businesses even though the law has been in force since the 1970s. When this requirement becomes new law, Employment Tribunals can order employers who have breached equal pay legislation to carry out an audit. This likely to have a significant impact on resourcing for your business if you are unprepared or forced to undertake one. The sort of information you will need to have analysed will include your gender pay information. You will need to identify any differences in pay between men and women and establish the reasons for those differences. If these are based on discriminatory reasons this could be an issue for your business. You will also need to set out your plan on avoiding breaches occurring for the future or how the business will prevent the breach continuing indefinitely. Some businesses including micro-businesses, new businesses and certain employers who carried out equal pay audits in the last three years will be exempt, but what if that doesn’t apply to you? How you will you tackle the issue? Speak to one of the HR Insight team to see how we can help you tackle the thorny issues.