Foreign entertainers: UK tax obligations

12 June 2024 / Insight posted in Video

Foreign entertainers and sports people are liable to UK tax on any income that they earn from a UK appearance even though they are not UK resident. In this video, Senior Tax Manager Nilam Chawla discusses the tax obligations of foreign entertainers, covering the following points.

UK tax obligations that foreign entertainers need to consider

  • Complications around what constitutes payment, particularly where there are payment chains involved
  • Withholding tax
  • Tax rates
  • Double tax treaties
  • Requirement to complete UK tax reviews

How we can help

Our media personal tax team can assist you with UK withholding tax and reporting obligations, as well as the processes required where there are payment chains involved. We can also help with advanced applications, tax returns and determining which payments are liable to tax as well as the expenses that are tax deductible. If you would like to speak to us for some guidance, please get in touch.

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