Fundraising: how start-ups and scale-ups can best transition between early-stage and later-stage fundraising

19 June 2020 / Insight posted in Article

Moore Kingston Smith was delighted to host a panel discussion alongside London & Partners on fundraising across Europe at different stages.

Corporate Finance Director Paul Winterflood shares his top five takeaway points below:

1. For the right businesses, there is significant investor appetite in the market from both angels and institutions across Europe.

2. For businesses raising money, it is important to have a strong, credible growth plan supported by data and KPIs.

3. Cultural fit with an investor is critical, especially in turbulent times like the present. Take your time to get it right.

4. Series A processes can take longer than expected, so build flexibility into your plans and forecasts.

5. Approach investors whose specific criteria matches your current position and goals. The venture capital community will generally be looking for run-rate revenues of at least £1 million.

View the webinar here.

The case study referred to in this webinar is detailed in a video here. We see Paul Winterflood in conversation with the founder of Influencer, Ben Jeffries, who raised £3 million from Puma Private Equity with our help.

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