December 12th, 2014 / Insight posted in MKS Comments

HMRC’s own report admits they should do more to help people get tax right – Tim Stovold comments

Tax partner Tim Stovold comments: “Hardly a day goes by without politicians reiterating the need for HMRC to declare war on aggressive tax avoidance. So it is interesting to read in an independent report commissioned by HMRC that, whilst, ‘…stakeholders are generally positive about HMRC’s ability to fulfil its core function – the collection of tax revenue – some question if HMRC should do more to help the honest majority get their tax right.'”

Tim says: “The vast majority of people want to pay the right amount of tax and are more concerned about their own position than how much tax multi-nationals pay. In recent years, HMRC have automated their telephone helplines and will often refer people who know little about tax to fairly complex guidance on their website. It is interesting that this has been picked up in this report and we will watch to see if HMRC take any steps to address this concern.”