February 18th, 2015 / Insight posted in

Horrible Bosses – What Would You Do?

By Amy Haley The sequel to Horrible Bosses is hitting our screens soon, what would you do in their position? Is your workplace suffering with low morale? Are you struggling with high turnover of staff? Are you hearing a record number of complaints? We often talk about employee engagement, we talk about what can affect it and how to attract and retain talent. Throughout each discussion we seem to have the same focus, issues with management! In an organisation, what do we do if the cause is due to bad management at a senior level? How do we recognise the problem and how do we put this right? Breaking into your boss’ house, blackmail and causing them to have an allergic reaction is definitely something for the movies. However, the presence of a ‘horrible boss’ in the workplace can be a very real problem. One of the hardest things to do in your work life is to ‘manage up’ but what if your manager is unaware of the issues and the potential repercussions they face if they continue as they are, oblivious to the issues they are causing? First thing to do is ‘remove the emotion’; this can be a tough conversation, especially if in response to having found yourself at the other end of a ‘bark’ or an unreasonable expectation. When having the conversation, go in prepared and aim to produce solutions; the response is likely to be defensive, so make it positive, offer options, and discuss the effects of a changed approach. Providing real time feedback can help, building up examples from the last few months only makes for awkward conversation when it comes to remembering the scenarios and the solutions you could offer become irrelevant. Act now! If the above sounds familiar then bite the bullet, impact change – you may be pleasantly surprised by the response.