How Brexit has affected international employment within Europe

13 July 2021 / Insight posted in Article

We recently hosted a webinar alongside Hudson McKenzie and Icon Relocation to discuss the immigration, tax, social security and relocation consequences of Brexit changes for differing working arrangements across Europe. We provided an update on the most recent changes to the UK immigration rules, tax and relocation landscapes and talked through some real-life case studies.

Here are our key takeaway points from the session:

  • Although little changed to the UK and EU social security rules when they came into effect on 1 January 2021, careful thought should still be given when planning and tracking assignments. There is no provision to extend a certificate of coverage past a 24-month initial period.
  • Following Coronavirus, we have seen a huge increase in clients having requests from employees to work from an overseas home. Social security and the cost to the business should be factored into any decision-making process before allowing the moves to go ahead.
  • Since the new points-based immigration system came into effect at the end of last year and EU nationals are now required to gain a sponsorship licence (SL) to work in the UK, as of January 2021, we have seen a huge increase in applications leading to delays and glitches in the system.
  • Once a company has gained an SL, there are two key visa routes: skilled worker or intra-company transfer (ICT). There have been some key changes to these and they offer different benefits, so speaking to an immigration specialist to understand which option is best is important.
  • Although the UK is still very much open for business and moving assets to and from Europe is possible, expect some delays and factor these into planning. Bear in mind that some customs clearance delays vary across cities, and some are much worse than others.
  • The UK housing market is currently oversubscribed, and rental demand is high. Seeking advice from a relocation specialist will help find the most cost-effective and suitable place to relocate to.

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