How to change your business model in mid race

4 October 2021 / Insight posted in Videos

This insight was originally published in Moore Media 360 on 21 September 2021

Agencies are facing a huge transformation changing their business model, as the lines that separate each specialty are getting thinner every day, due to the demanding of a strong integrated offer to deal with the unstable environment.

And that is a real challenging task, as it shook the whole structure, basement and focus of the agency, and you cannot do that in pit stop, they need to keep working and showing the highest level of creativity and quality at the same time, so it is like changing the engine while running the race!

It is not possible to become more adaptable to the new environment, improve skills, replace staff, deeply involve in digital and ecommerce, or enter in mergers and acquisitions if you don’t have accurate information and support monitoring the effects on working capital, profits or KPIs on your business plans, forecasts, scenarios and budgets.

So, that is the kind of services we are currently focusing in and I think it is where clients can get the most valuable support from Moore Media, as the expertise and knowledge of the members in the sector is key to accomplish those objectives.

But knowledge is not enough, agencies also need their advisors to be closer than ever and in the trenches with them, and that is something that differentiates us, we can be either in the Command Centre or in the field doing the implementations needed.

Matias Tejero
Partner at Moore Tejero LATAM
Media Group