May 13th, 2020 / Insight posted in Articles

Is your family properly protected financially?

During this period, many people are taking the opportunity to do some financial housekeeping and dust off the protection they have in place for their families.

Where to start? We have put together a spring-cleaning checklist of the more important areas we advise our clients to review regularly.

  • Pension – Does your current pension include all potential beneficiaries?
  • Will – Does your Will reflect your current wishes?
  • Power of attorney – Have you appointed someone you trust to make decisions about your finances and health on your behalf, if the need ever arises?
  • Life and health cover – Is your cover adequate for you and your family’s needs?
  • Life cover trust – Is your life cover written under the correct trust to ensure your monies will be distributed according to your wishes?

Social distancing has meant the normal processes of executing and delivering legal documents have been adapted to fit in with the current restrictions. Our in-house legal and tax teams summarise the main changes here and give some top tips here for your quick reference.