Manufacturers: break the cycle of repeat recruitment

28 September 2021 / Insight posted in Manufacturing Talent 360

Are you having sleepless nights over your sky-rocketing labour turnover rate? You’re only too aware that there is a shortage of reliable workers out there and you find yourself constantly re-recruiting for the same position.

Your shopfloor workers are being tempted away by a factory or plant down the road for higher pay. You promote staff internally to management positions expecting this to improve staff morale but instead find it dropping. Your skilled workers who are approaching retirement aren’t being replaced because newer recruits aren’t staying long enough to learn the skills.

Tackle the root cause

If you are facing any such challenges, you are not alone in wanting to turn your fortunes around. Stop wasting money on repeatedly recruiting. Take a step back, look logically at your current set-up and see where your money would be better spent.

Keeping hold of your current talent is key. You might need to review your current pay and benefits package. Perhaps it’s your overtime wage that is out of kilter. Maybe there is a different benefit that you could start offering that your people will see as really desirable.

Provide those you’re promoting with proper management training. A good manager will show leadership, motivate their team and engender pride in their combined productivity. If you consider offering on-the-job training schemes, you can start attracting new workers to your company to resolve the skills shortage.

Give your people strategy a 360° overhaul

Our Talent 360 workshop enables you to impartially evaluate how your manufacturing company performs across all key areas of your employee lifecycle. By the end of the workshop, you will have a clear picture of where you are now, where you excel as an employer, where you fall short and how to remedy the gaps.

Talent 360 is a guided workshop where one of our Strategic HR Partners takes you through a structured methodical examination of every aspect of your people strategy. We challenge you on your own assessments and apply our expert knowledge of the manufacturing marketplace. It is meticulous, frank and revealing.

We summarise it all in a report, which we go through with you in person. It includes prioritised actions to improve your company’s organisational structure. Additionally, we list HR Consultancy’s own fully costed solutions, which we can discuss with you, if you wish.

Practical examples of how Talent 360 has helped our clients


“The process was very valuable and positive. It was useful to be able to focus on our performance as an employer and it brought to light some new insights that we weren’t already aware of. We shall need some help in planning and implementing the next steps.”
David Orr, Managing Director, Fencor Packaging

Talent 360 workshop details

Price (+VAT): virtual £4,000; in person £6,000
Your time: Half a day
Outcome: Detailed picture of your current workforce situation, the implications and the resolutions.

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