February 5th, 2019 / Insight posted in Articles

Marketing Monitor – Digest of the Kingston Smith 2018 annual survey

This issue of Marketing Monitor provides a digest of the results of the Kingston Smith 2018 annual survey on the financial performance of marketing services companies.

The marketing services industry delivered a mixed bag of results as it continues to deal with the revolutionary rather than evolutionary change of pace within the industry. Brexit, reduced client budgets, digital disruption, disintermediation, increased in–housing and access to talent are just some of the challenges that are facing it. However, despite this and the change and restructuring that has been necessary to respond to some of these pressures, collectively the UK marketing services industry has shown year on year growth.

The survey focuses particularly on the following sectors:

  • Top 50 independent marketing companies
  • Top 50 advertising agencies
  • Top 30 branding and design agencies
  • Top 30 digital agencies
  • Top 40 marketing and sales promotion agencies
  • Top 30 media buying agencies
  • Top 40 PR consultancies