Moore Global’s ‘Energy, Mining and Renewable’ Summit Series – it’s not easy being green!

27 October 2021 / Insight posted in Video

We were pleased to be part of the Moore Global ‘Energy, Mining and Renewable’ Summit Series, a collection of thought leadership pieces addressing issues and opportunities within the EMR landscape on a global scale.

We explored timely topics, including ‘Net-zero – is it sustainable?’, ‘ESG – Delivering the caring dividend’ and ‘Cyber wake up!’.

Cyber wake up!
Do you understand the risks, or are you asleep at the screen?
Moore Clear Director, Benn Davies, joins this expert panel as they talk about the urgency of protecting against cyber attacks. In doing so, they examine recent real-life examples and stress how organisations must look inwardly to ensure they have developed frameworks to mitigate risks posed by the nefarious “dark-side” of the web!

ESG delivering the caring dividend
Mark Salway, Managing Director for our Fundraising & Management team, participates in a discussion on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG). ESG is not just about regulation and compliance. In fact, true ESG is anything but! Watch the experts discuss frameworks to drive change, outline real ways to make a difference, have a social impact and deliver the caring dividend.

Net Zero is it sustainable?
It is easy to say we are on the road to net-zero, but how are we navigating it?
The road ahead has obstacles, and the first steps are to identify and acknowledge the journey will not be easy, the sacrifices (especially economic) will be many. Moore Kingston Smith Partner Matt Meadows joins a panel discussing net zero the need for us all to recognise it will not be easy to be green.

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