Moore Kingston Smith launches new global mobility strategy service offering

30 May 2022 / Insight posted in Publication

Why think about strategy? Strategy is about the critical choices facing a business. But why do you need a Global mobility strategy? Why not just react to the demands of the business?

How is strategy for Global Mobility different from the business strategy? Strategy is about articulating the critical choices facing those responsible for leading and managing Global mobility services, including the plans, choices and decisions you use to ensure the success of your approach.

You need to develop a Global Mobility strategy that is sound and well-informed. If your approach to managing Global mobility lacks focus and direction you risk underachievement or failure, so taking time to regularly review and consider your approach is essential. A robust strategy can help to increase the success of your Global mobility services, their effectiveness and sustainability. In the current climate, it’s more important than ever to focus on your aims, and know where to prioritise your efforts.

Our global mobility team has created a strategy review document ‘Global Mobility Envision’ that acts as a handy reference point to ensure any strategy meetings have a clear focus and direction. It will help you address the key issues that are needed to formulate a Global mobility framework to support the international strategic priorities of the business and ensure Global mobility is considered a critical area. Our team can then work alongside you to make relevant improvements to your strategy.

If you would like to find out more about our new global mobility strategy advisory service please contact Or if you would like to start reviewing your strategy first yourself, please download our free global mobility strategy review document.