Narrative disclosure requirements

1 December 2021 / Insight posted in Technical guidance

Depending on its size, your business may be disclosing its energy use, providing details of its corporate governance arrangements and how directors have met their statutory duties.

We have prepared the table below to highlight the required disclosures of a stand-alone company. Exemptions from some of the requirements are available for subsidiaries which are included in consolidated accounts.

While this table can be used as a useful starting point to understanding your organisation’s narrative disclosure requirements, we would strongly recommend that you obtain professional advice on what the requirements mean in practice for your business.

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✓   Must be included within the front end, narrative report
✓* Required to be included when the entity is large
✗   Not required to be included

The quantitative thresholds, for stand-alone small, medium and large companies are shown below. A company’s size is determined by meeting two of the three limits, in this and the previous financial period. A company’s size is also determined by the activities it carries out and if it is registered as a public limited company (plc) or a private limited company.