December 14th, 2016 / Insight posted in Blog

New Year, New Job? How to Retain your Key Staff

January is the time of year for resolutions and new starts, for many this includes looking for a new job. It might be because they desire a career change, promotion or simply because they are fed up where they are. Recruitment websites and agencies see a surge of CVs at this time of year as people use the Christmas break to reflect on their careers and perhaps more importantly use this time to update those old CVs! So how can you ensure you retain and motivate your talented staff?

This is the time to start looking at your reward structures and benchmarking salaries to ensure you are competitive within your sector and region. You should also review any benefits you offer and consider re-launching these to remind staff what additional perks they are entitled to and how valuable these benefits are.

Money isn’t everything though and employees are increasingly looking for a role and company where they feel valued and enjoy coming to work.

Small things can make a big difference, regular communication from senior management and feedback from line managers help to ensure your staff will feel involved and that they are really contributing to the success of the business.

Make the most of your appraisal system and ensure your managers carry out meaningful appraisals with their staff, providing constructive feedback and setting appropriate targets. Consider what career development or training opportunities you can offer that would fulfil your employees’ ambitions and add value to the business.

Consider undertaking a staff survey to find out in more depth how your staff feel and what they think needs improvement. Anonymous surveys can provide some really useful insight in to what your staff really think, but don’t forget to act on the results! By creating an action plan of key improvements and keeping staff up to date on the company’s progress. You can ensure your employees really do believe their opinion matters.

With commitment and enthusiasm from managers you can make your company an employer of choice and hopefully your staff won’t be using Christmas 2016 to dust off their CVs.

For further information or assistance with employee engagement and motivation please feel free to contact a member of our experienced Consultancy Team for further advice.