Protecting your data: truth or dare?

21 March 2022 / Insight posted in Newsletter

It’s a serious question. Do you know the truth about how your school has taken action to mitigate a cyber attack or data breach, or do you dare ask?

The National Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021 published by Gov.UK reveals that 38% of UK businesses reported a cyber attack, whilst in comparison, the figure for secondary schools was a staggering 58%.

The truth is your school will likely experience a cyber attack or data breach, even if it’s not tomorrow or even next month. So, it is essential that you understand the nature of this threat and the potential for ransomware to cause considerable damage to your school in terms of lost ‘sensitive’ data and access to critical services.

Uncovering the truth can sometimes be very difficult. Your school will rely on your supply chain to support your organisation regarding your financial and school management software. What due diligence have you carried out?

Cyber attacks and breaches are a common theme through supply chain activity, enabling hackers to operate in stealth mode and silently enter your networks through the connectivity of the software and into your systems.

The fundamental question that must be asked is, “Have you carried out your due diligence on your supply chain?”

Rather than discuss statistics, Moore ClearComm prefers to give a practical overview on how to review your risk and help you understand the risks you face that are outside of your control. Rather than daring to ignore the threat, they will uncover the truth.

More information can be found on the Moore ClearComm website.


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