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Question needs to be addressed

HN writes: I need to register a company address that I will use to start up a new business. I don’t want to register my home address for the company, although I will be using my home as my office, initially. Is there a way round this?

A company has a registered office but this does not need to be the same address as that from which the company conducts its business, writes Jon Sutcliffe, partner at Kingston Smith LLP. The company’s registered office address can be anywhere in England or Wales (or Scotland or Northern Ireland if registered there). The registered office must be a physical location, and not a PO box number. Many professional firms such as accountants, solicitors, providers of company secretarial services and company formation agents will offer the use of their address as a registered office for a fee. Fees can vary enormously so shop around.

Home addresses for directors are also filed at Companies House. If you do not wish this to be seen on the public record, you have the option to provide a service address on filing your appointment as a director. This can be any address, not necessarily in the UK, but must be an address where: (i) the service of documents can be effected by physical delivery; (ii) the delivery of documents is capable of being recorded by the obtaining of an acknowledgement of delivery. You must still notify your home address to Companies House (and any changes to it), but if you have provided an alternative service address, your home address will remain confidential.

If Companies House has reason to believe you cannot be contacted via your service address, it retains the right to place your last-notified home address on the public record.