March 29th, 2019 / Insight posted in MKS Comments

Selling your business at its true value

Businesses are passionately founded to deliver an efficient and effective service to clients, so planning for a future sale is not a top priority. However, such planning can reveal the true value of a business. Marc Fecher explains how Kingston Smith’s corporate finance team can help business owners achieve the right price for their business: “With a track record of successful exits and an extensive network of potential buyers, the Kingston Smith team is well placed to assist owners in preparing their business for sale and finding the right acquirer. After identifying the business’s key strengths and challenges, we work with the management team to focus on key value drivers and to present these in a compelling sales document. As a result, most of our clients receive significant interest from multiple buyers. We then help them evaluate the interested parties to ensure the business is sold to the right buyer for the right price.”