Supporting World Mental Health Day: ‘Let’s Talk’ Week at Moore Kingston Smith

6 October 2021 / Insight posted in Articles

As part of Moore Kingston Smith’s long-term commitment to raising awareness and ending the stigma around mental health, the firm is running a ‘Let’s Talk’ week across the business ahead of World Mental Health Day on Sunday 10 October.

The theme of the week recognises the benefits of conversation for wellbeing; according to Moore Kingston Smith’s Charity Partner Mind, in England, one in four people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year, and one in six reports experiencing a common mental health problem in any given week. Despite these numbers, there’s still an uneasiness when it comes to discussing mental health.

In a bid to tackle this, the firm’s Wellbeing Network has put together a week of wellbeing activity and information with the aim of encouraging conversation. They’re championing the theme of ‘Let’s Talk’ because talking about mental health and Wellbeing is not only central to breaking down barriers, it’s also essential for recovery.

A number of the firm’s 70 Partners are helping advocate change and end stigma by sharing their own personal stories and experiences of mental health challenges with their colleagues. Following the success of an internal Partner videocast series launched back in May for Mental Health Awareness Week, a further series will be shared throughout the week, illustrating that we are all fallible, with our frailties, and anyone can be affected by life-changing events. Topics this week include teenage mental health, testicular cancer and suicide.

In the spirit of talking, the firm is actively encouraging everyone to take time during their meetings throughout this week to have discussions beyond work and to connect with their colleagues. Now that the firm is well into its new hybrid working approach, social strolls are recommended to reap the health benefits of walking – physical, mental and social – all at once.

The week wraps up with a Food for the Mind session delivered by corporate nutritionists and wellbeing experts Super Wellness. This engaging and eye-opening discussion around food and mood will provide everyone with tips on feeding your brain, forming healthy habits and hassle-free meal planning.

For more information on wellbeing at Moore Kingston Smith, visit our page on Wellbeing in the workplace.