June 11th, 2020 / Insight posted in Brochures

Survivor to thriver


We set out to understand how agencies that had previously been struggling managed to turn their fortunes around. Some had been doing ‘good enough’ but then decided ‘good enough’ was no longer ‘good enough’ and stretched out for real success. Unfortunately, there is no secret sauce as such, but there are specific ingredients we observed that might go into that sauce. Many of those ‘ingredients’ are quite simple but that doesn’t make them easy to implement.

This report is a collaboration between media accountants and advisers Moore Kingston Smith and Chris Merrington of Spring 80:20, an agency training consultancy. The different perspectives of the two made the interviews, and distilling the essence from the interviews, all the more fascinating.

We interviewed a range of different types of agency; creative/advertising, media, digital, healthcare, design, events, PR and communications. These interviews were a mixture of face to face and telephone interviews. In each case the interviews were with the agency’s CEO, MD or FD.

May we say a huge thank you to the agency heads who shared so generously their strategies and methods for their success. Without your contributions this report would not exist!