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Talk Business: Richard Cummings discusses building a great team for your business

In an article for Talk Business magazine, HR Insight’s Managing Director Richard Cummings advises on how to put together a successful team for your business. Building a great team for your business We’ve all either worked in, or with, dysfunctional teams! Avoiding the unapproachable employees or listening to the one who spends all day telling others how busy they are, but never achieve anything.  So, how do you ensure you don’t hire these people? Most Business Owners  would agree that recruiting the right people and building an effective team is crucial to the success of the Company.  However, many employers do not spend enough time working out exactly what they are looking for and managing their employees effectively to keep them working in line with the Company objectives. What’s first? Once you have made the decision to recruit, firstly spend some time really analysing what exactly it is that you need.  What you think you want, and the skills the perfect candidate has may be different, but getting it right at this stage will really help you when you get to selection. Create a job description for the role detailing the duties and responsibilities and, using that, then create a person specification detailing the other skills and experience that you are looking for.  These documents will form the basis of your advertising and selection process, so it’s worth spending the time on getting them right first time. Seek input from others Seek feedback from others including any existing employees, industry contacts and professional advisors to ensure that your expectations are realistic and that the incoming employees are fulfilling roles which will add significant, tangible value to your business – they do need to justify their salaries after all! Hiring the best When selecting candidates make sure that you recruit the best level of skills you can afford, don’t be afraid of hiring people who know more about their specialism than you do – just make sure you get an expert involved in the recruitment process to make sure the applicants are telling the truth about their skills! Team fit Consider team fit before you make an offer.  Everyone has a slightly different working style – the way that they like to structure their day, organise tasks, plan for deadlines etc. – and so it’s important to try to build a team which has complementary styles as this means that they will work effectively together and achieve what needs to be done.  Nobody wants the stress of having employed a team of procrastinators who always get the job done but at the last possible minute. Empower the team You’ve hired the best so now empower them to do their best for you.  Delegating responsibility can be intimidating as you do start to lose some direct control, but it is essential to keep motivated and engaged employees who are working their hardest in the interests of your business. Now they’re part of the team Once you have the employee on board, assuming you have taken the steps above, you should have an employee who is keen to learn about your business and get on with helping it to develop.  Make sure you meet with them regularly to give them feedback, both positive and constructive, so that they know what is going well and what still needs development. Increasingly, employees wish to have more input into their development in terms of skills and within the organisation so engaging with this proactively should ensure that they remain engaged and committed to working hard for you and your business. Richard Cummings is Managing Director of HR Insight, the HR consultancy arm of Kingston Smith LLP. This article was published in the November edition of Talk Business – see http://talkbusinessmagazine.co.uk/latest-magazine/