The impact of Brexit on Marketing Services agencies in control of promotional products and client assets

9 November 2020 / Insight posted in Articles

The new rules surrounding goods controlled by marketing agencies on behalf of their clients changed in 2019 but it’s only now we are seeing businesses address the practical implications of this shift. Gone will be the benefits of free-circulation of physical goods across borders; companies will be required to complete customs entries on everything that is imported or exported from the UK and EU.

In this video we were joined by Andy Berry, Managing Director of Global Logistics Management. Andy shared some interesting insights including how Marketing Services businesses that apply the Reverse Charge procedure can protect their position and ensure there is a clear audit of the origin of their goods or products before the Brexit transition cut-off date.

With the full picture of the new procedures that will become the norm after Brexit still unclear, Andy provides guidance to help businesses remain compliant and avoid potentially hefty penalties and additional administrative burden.

We have been helping our clients to prepare for Brexit. If you are yet to take action, there is limited time. Our team can help you to get ready before 31 December.

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