Top tips for attracting the right talent in the manufacturing industry

28 September 2021 / Insight posted in Manufacturing Talent 360

We don’t need to tell you that the manufacturing industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and the fallout from Brexit. As the economy is finding its feet again, attracting and retaining the right talent for your manufacturing company will be key to your success.

In this fiercely competitive market for new talent, you have a fight on your hands. Retaining your existing talent is half the battle. If you have a factory or manufacturing plant in a large industrial area, you face workers moving to a neighbouring company offering a higher hourly wage.

Look inwards to stand out

Counterintuitively, your first step in recruiting for growth is to retain your best workers. Take a long hard look at your current people strategy. If you recruit good workers and your people strategy is under par, they will soon leave, as will your current top talent.

Here are our top tips for attracting the right talent for your manufacturing company.

Retaining talent

1. Review your current pay and benefits
Consider removing undervalued or unused benefits to release funds for your base wage. If you have large-volume overtime, maybe this is caused by lack of staff, so increasing your base wage might reduce overtime and overall staffing costs.

2. Provide management training
As your company grows, your people might need to adopt line management responsibility. Employees usually progress because they are great technically, which doesn’t automatically make them good managers. Providing management training to improve your new managers’ confidence and skills will strengthen your whole workforce as your company grows.

3. Communicate
Communication is key, although it’s hard to get it right, even when it is as positive as growth. It’s important that you hear from your employees about how they feel about the plans. Then you can provide structured and valuable communication based on this. Show how the plans affect individuals as well as explaining that their output is integral to your company’s overall success.

Attracting talent

When you’re ready to recruit new talent, you can shout it from the rooftops.

1. Be vocal
Show potential candidates what a great employer you are and the benefits of working at your company. Use websites and social media to display positive feedback, employee testimonials and photographs. Include the benefits in your job adverts and emphasise them at interview. Say you are always looking to better them.

2. Be welcoming
The whole process from the application through to the job offer needs to be professional but friendly. Even unsuccessful candidates should find the experience positive, which will reinforce your company’s reputation.

3. Expand your talent pool search
Look beyond places where you traditionally recruit. As you widen the pool, you’ll get more diverse candidates who can bring more to your company. Consider offering referral fees for successful recommendations, relocation packages or career training for school leavers.

Retention breeds successful recruitment

You’ve demonstrated your people retention credentials and that you are an employer of choice. You’re now in the enviable position of having a queue of people wanting to work for you even in this challenging climate.

Help from the experts in attracting the right talent in the manufacturing industry

If you are considering revising your people strategy across the board, you might find our Talent 360 workshop helpful. It gives you a detailed picture of your current workforce situation, the implications and the resolutions.

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