Top tips for integrating your social value policy

12 November 2020 / Insight posted in Article

Moore Kingston Smith’s impact team works with clients to incorporate social value and its principles into everything they do. Read our five top tips below about how to integrate your social value policy into your organisation so that it is followed and applied in a straightforward way:

1. Start realistically

Begin with a clearly defined area of your activities that you can track without too much complexity. Attempting to measure and manage impact across your whole organisation all at once might seem overwhelming.

2. Spread the policy far and wide

Ensure all the necessary people are together when you introduce this policy so that you get buy-in across the organisation. A good social impact process requires contributions and collaborations across all departments and layers of an organisation. Involve people in the creating and editing process.

3. Explain the benefits of the policy

Buy-in from the rest of the organisation comes when everyone understands how the policy will benefit them and your stakeholders. State these benefits clearly – this will help your team feel more enthusiastic about adopting the policy.

4. Refer to it at every opportunity

Integrate the policy into your staff induction, staff handbook and internal communications so that everyone in your organisation is aware of it. Keeping everyone informed will help incorporate impact management at the heart of your organisation’s culture.

5. Make the policy a permanent meeting agenda item

Keep the policy fresh in everyone’s minds by discussing it regularly. Talk about its progress and any challenges your team is facing.

Inspiration at the start of your social impact journey

If you have any queries or would like to chat through your ideas, contact Dan Fletcher, Director of Moore Kingston Smith Nonprofit Advisory.

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