November 25th, 2020 / Insight posted in Articles

Trading goods post-Brexit

Whether your business is shipping goods from the UK to the EU or the reverse, Moore Kingston Smith’s team of experienced import/export experts can help you smoothly transition from single market to open market. With a wealth of practical knowledge of cross-border trade, we understand the key implications that Brexit will have on your business operations.

For the past few decades, you have been trading goods with the EU as easily as if it were Eastbourne. Come 1 January 2021, you will be doing things very differently. This is where we come in.

We know how to deal with the raft of import and export administration, procedures and policies that you have never needed to consider before. Working closely with you, we identify your risks, challenges and opportunities, moving you quickly towards a solution.

Is it you or your EU customer who is to be the importer of record? If you are donning said mantle, do you know what it entails? What about buffer stocks in case of delays at customs? Have you planned for double duty charge on raw materials? Do you know your position on import or sale VAT? How about passing on your increased costs to your end customer?

We can help you establish a smooth post-Brexit import/export process by:

  • Introducing robust systems and procedures
  • Reducing your supply chain administration
  • Reviewing additional EU VAT registration
  • Recovering import VAT where applicable
  • Going through new Brexit terminology to help you avoid unknown pitfalls
  • Setting up a subsidiary within the in EU to benefit from free circulation of goods
  • Repurposing existing property in the EU.

If you are yet to prepare for Brexit or are already on the journey but unsure of where to turn next, contact the experts. We will be happy to have a free no-obligation meeting with you to find out more about your business’s current position.