Webinar recording: effectively retaining talent and recruiting in a competitive market

24 September 2021 / Insight posted in Webinars, Enterprise series, People

In this webinar our strategic HR partners answer your burning questions on talent retention and recruitment. Throughout the session they cover:

Talent retention
• Signs your employees are getting ready to leave and how to try and keep them
• How you can use salary increases, bonuses and other benefits to retain your people
• Surveying staff and what to do with the results
• Tackling internal issues which have a knock-on effect on talent retention
• Exit interviews and stay conversations

• Recent changes to recruitment
• Risks to consider when recruiting
• Getting the right candidates for your roles
• The effective recruitment process
• Engaging candidates and ensuring their success

Talent 360
Our Talent 360 approach allows you to comprehensively review and assess your current people practices and what you need to do to better align with your business strategy. It’s a fully transformative project that will explore what motivates people to join your company, why they stay and why they leave. We’ll help you to identify and take the actions to position your business as an employer of choice for your ideal workforce. Contact us to find out more.

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