Webinar recording – Enterprise Series: Navigating HMRC’s R&D crackdown

1 May 2024 / Insight posted in Enterprise series, Business

In this webinar, our expert panel focuses on how organisations have been experiencing increased scrutiny from HMRC when submitting R&D tax relief claims.  

HMRC now require additional information to file R&D claims and are increasingly likely to initiate an enquiry to ensure the validity and accuracy of the claim before approving it. 

David Byrne, R&D Director, was joined by John Hood, Tax Partner, discussed the themes of these compliance checks, what HMRC are specifically seeking, and how to mitigate some of the risks associated with making a claim in the current climate. 

Our experts addressed what businesses need to look out for in order to reduce the likeliness of receiving an enquiry, if HMRC focus on historical claims, and what options are available if HMRC disagree with submitted enquiries.  

Watch the recording or jump to key questions below:

3:33 – Why are we seeing a crackdown, and what is the extent of the crackdown?

10:04 – Does this suggest that it might not be a good idea to apply for R&D going forward?

11:28 – How far back can HMRC go to review historic claims?

18:30 – How do HMRC conduct these enquiries?

22:54 – What level of supporting documentation would be sufficient for HMRC?

28:42 – What happens if you respond to an enquiry and provide supporting information but you still disagree with their outcome?

34:00 – How do we minimise the risk of penalties if HMRC state that the claim was incorrect or invalid?

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