Webinar recording: Is your strategy fit for a post-Coronavirus era?

6 November 2020 / Insight posted in Enterprise series, Business, Video

There has been a relentless focus on survival during the pandemic, yet businesses still face uncertainty. Seven months on from the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, it’s important that businesses look to the next stage of recovery and reset their business for growth within the confines of the new normal.

In this webinar, we clarified the key drivers that will help to ensure that the strategy for the business is fit for a post Coronavirus era. Our Strategic Growth experts Esther Carder and Jamie Sherman discussed how to develop and implement a robust strategy in structured way, including detailing our Strategy Implementation Matrix which helps businesses to set out and achieve their short, medium and long term objectives.

They were also joined by our usual panel of tax, people and Brexit specialists who provided updates on the current marketplace including the new Government Coronavirus support measures.

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We can help businesses to think strategically to improve performance, drive growth and maximise Enterprise Value (‘EV’). Our experts use highly structured workshops to help organisations achieve step-changes in performance in key areas such as Strategy & Business Planning, Business Development and People Management.

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