Enterprise series: operating in the new normal

3 August 2020 / Insight posted in Enterprise series, Business

As lockdown restrictions ease, many organisations are working to understand what the shift to remote working could mean for them. Some may decide that their office space is no longer needed at all, while others look to downsize, re-purpose or re-locate. Join us for a discussion on the future of physical workplaces, and what opportunities may be available now that the physical barriers to working are being removed.

Our panel including Tim Stovold, Head of Tax and Amy Cretten, Strategic HR Partner, are on hand considering the tax and people implications. We are also joined by guest speaker Rosie Haslem, Director at Spacelab, who will share some of the findings from their recent ‘Future of work’ survey. The survey had over 1,200 responses, from around the UK and across all sectors.

Up for discussion covers a range of topics including:

  • What could the workplace of the future look like?
  • Will businesses become less London centric?
  • How will recruiting practices be impacted?
  • Will we see more diversity in the workforce as homeworking opens the market to those currently unable to reach a workplace for the traditional nine to five?

View the sides below:

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