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Would you fill your vacancy with a random person off the street….?

By Dinah Regan

You might as well if you don’t get your recruitment processes right!  During my time working in HR, I have experienced businesses all the way along the spectrum when it comes to assessing individuals for a job.  At one end of the scale, the conversation goes something like this: Hiring Manager: “I’ve got my shortlist of candidates for the IT role, when can we interview? I’ll dust off the interview questions we used last time around when we filled the vacancy 5 years ago”. Granted, this is an extreme example, but all too often, there is a tendency for employers to think that interviews are the only way to assess someone for a role in their business. Whilst interviews can and do work well (provided that well thought out and relevant questions are asked and the interviewer is skilled enough to draw out the knowledge of the candidate sitting in front of them), there are other ways to help ensure the right person is selected. But what about the time and cost involved I hear you cry!  Well you need to ask yourself, would you select and invest in a new software system without thoroughly assessing that it is the correct one for your business? I am guessing not. And the same should apply to recruitment. It is after all an investment. The CIPD estimates the cost of recruiting the wrong person at 2.5 times their annual salary, so even when applied to the most junior roles, this can cost over £30,000. The key is to make the way you assess someone for a vacancy as relevant to the job as possible. For example, you have a Creative Video Producer role to fill, rather than asking for applicants to send in CV’s, why not ask them to send in a video which demonstrates their employment history? Thinking of inventive ways to recruit employees can go a long way to enhancing your employer brand too. Today’s generation want to work for the ‘coolest’ companies with a name for being innovative and this is often very high on their new employer ‘wish-list’. If you’re thinking your recruitment processes lack a little dynamism and you’re inspired to do something slightly different to help you select the right person, we’d be happy to chat about it with you.  Contact HR Insight on 01708 758958.