Webinar recording: Impactful fundraising – raising more money by understanding your impact

03.07.20 / Insight posted in Webinars

Our latest webinar brought to you by our fundraising and impact teams explored the relationship between measuring your impact and improving your fundraising strategy. Moore Kingston Smith Fundraising and Management discussed approaches to impact, measuring the social value of the outcomes your work achieves and how to use this evidence as a focus for a…


Webinar recording: gearing for growth – raising funds in a resurgent economy

03.07.20 / Insight posted in Webinars

As we move towards a gradual easing of lockdown, many businesses will be looking to the future – the post-Coronavirus era. All businesses have been affected in some way by the global pandemic but we are starting to see encouraging signs of new corporate activity. Business owners are now beginning to look again at funding…


Webinar recording: next steps out of the storm – moving from crisis management to strategic growth

02.07.20 / Insight posted in Articles, Webinars

This webinar is brought to you in association with the West Kent Chamber of Commerce. James Saunders, Partner at Moore Kingston Smith introduced three panellists who spoke about their experiences during the Coronavirus crisis, with the discussion focusing on business strategy through the crisis and as the country starts to exit lockdown. Jamie Sherman, Partner…


Furlough scheme – EMI options not to be disqualified

02.07.20 / Insight posted in Articles, Tax

One of the conditions of EMI is that the option holder has to satisfy the ‘full-time’ working requirement.  There was concern that if an option holder was furloughed, this condition would not be met.  Representations have been made to the Chancellor to address this and introduce a relaxation, as there is for reservists who are…


Moore Kingston Smith Association Management exceeded delegate’s expectations at major virtual conference

02.07.20 / Insight posted in Articles

Moore Kingston Smith Association Management (MKSAM) recently planned, executed and managed a three-day conference for one of its clients, Pharmaceutical Contract Management Group (PCMG), an association of outsourcing and procurement professionals working in research and development across the pharmaceutical industry. Due to Coronavirus they had to cancel the physical 2020 Conference. We worked with the…


Accountancy Age: John Hood reacts to Fair Tax Mark Poll 2020

30.06.20 / Insight posted in MKS News

The Fair Tax Mark Poll 2020 revealed that Brits are asking businesses to display transparency and a sense of duty to society. John Hood said: “The colossal sums paid out by the Exchequer to support staff on furlough has reinforced how important it is that businesses contribute by paying the correct amount of tax in…


Webinar recording – How to build financial stability in the coming environment

26.06.20 / Insight posted in Webinars

It’s not surprising that during the pandemic most charities have seen their income change dramatically. Some have seen their income increase, but for most this has been a difficult time, with pro-bono economics suggesting that “Charities face a £10bn funding gap over the next six months due to Covid-19”. At the same time demand for…


Moore Kingston Smith and David Reviews: weekly update from ad world – 26 June 2020

26.06.20 / Insight posted in Articles

This week’s video features our guest speaker, award winning film director, Nicolai Fuglsig. Nicolai catches up with Graham Tyler, Partner, Moore Kingston Smith and Jason Stone, Editor & Co-writer, David Reviews, to discuss what it’s like filming in a post-coronavirus world and the challenges that come with it. If you have any questions or would…


Webinar recording – economic outlook: global trends and what they mean for UK investors and your business

25.06.20 / Insight posted in Webinars

Tim Stovold and Richard Cummings gave an update on recent developments concerning the furlough scheme, the landlord and tenant code of conduct, extensions of the moratoriums under the Corporate Insolvency Bill and a word of warning about making PAYE payments for furloughed employees. They were followed by Gregory Perdon, Co-Chief Investment Officer at Arbuthnot Latham…


Reinstate direct debit payments to avoid penalties

24.06.20 / Insight posted in Articles, Operations

Businesses who have cancelled their direct debits payable to HMRC to defer VAT payments now need to set up a new one to avoid penalties. Failure to get a direct debit set up in time could result in the business paying their VAT bill late and, potentially, a penalty charge. As part of the government’s…