COFA – Mixed receipts

19.11.19 / Insight posted in Blog

Following the topic of disbursements, firms also need to consider their procedures surrounding the treatment of mixed receipts in our series on the new SRA Account Rules. An area which was disliked in the SRA’s consultation on the rules was that the office element of mixed receipts must now be reallocated promptly to the office…


COFA – Disbursements

04.11.19 / Insight posted in Blog

Many law firms, but especially those with conveyancing departments, will need to consider the treatment of disbursements paid out of office monies when the SRA Accounts Rules 2019 come into effect on 25 November 2019. An area which was not highlighted particularly well as part of the consultation process, but may result in instances of…


Is your business at risk from the rise in employment tribunal claims?

04.03.19 / Insight posted in Articles, Blog

Employment tribunal claims on the rise in 2018 After the Supreme Court abolished employment tribunal fees, the number of employment tribunals rose and has not yet returned to pre-fee levels. However, we saw a definite trend of increasing employment tribunal claims in 2018 and this is likely to continue in 2019 and the foreseeable future…


Brexit Blog – Brexit Withdrawal Treaty: 15 November 2018

15.11.18 / Insight posted in Articles, Blog

So the proposed treaty, running to some 500 pages, has finally been released. Theresa May has won cabinet support after a five-hour meeting (or ferocious debate) and the UK’s exit moves to the next stage. The Brexit deal still requires EU27 agreement – a summit is planned before the end of the month; and then…


Passion for design, breath-taking vistas and a surprising dining experience at the LFA

24.10.18 / Insight posted in Blog

So it turns out architects have more fun than I realised! When Kingston Smith agreed to be a benefactor of the London Festival of Architecture (LFA) for the first time, most of our architects’ team thought we would be attending events to gain some useful insight into the current landscape of London architecture – and…


National minimum wage breaches exceed £1 million in underpayments to employees

10.08.18 / Insight posted in Blog

The government has released a list on its website of some 240 employers who have underpaid more than 22,000 workers. Knowing what you as an employer can deduct from an employee’s wages and what limits are put on those deductions will help stop you becoming the next employer on the list of offenders. The underpayments…


Court of Appeal rules for employer in key case of ‘sleep-in’ workers

23.07.18 / Insight posted in Blog

Summary The Court of Appeal has ruled that employers do not have to pay workers the national minimum wage for the whole time spent on an employer’s premises under ‘sleep-in’ arrangements. In this case, involving Mencap, carers were obliged to spend the night at or near their employer’s premises.  The specific arrangement was that the…


Transgender employees – the latest hot topic in employment you should be prepared for

19.07.18 / Insight posted in Blog

More people are making the decision to transition from one gender to another and making their decision public knowledge. As employers, you need to be fully prepared on how to handle such situations in the workplace. Earlier this year, Primark lost a constructive dismissal case, where one of their retail assistants was harassed for being…


Brexit Update: Deal or No Deal?

18.07.18 / Insight posted in Articles, Blog

So what are the scenarios facing the UK come next March? And what does No Deal look like? Theresa May wins the day: The broad outline of the Chequers White Paper are accepted by the EU27 in December. The EU27 is clear that Parliament’s rejection will result in Britain leaving the EU with the hardest…


Brexit Blog – It’s all White now

18.07.18 / Insight posted in Blog

So we are well into our second summer, since Article 50 was invoked. The talk now is all about political infighting and the most intractable issue in British politics for generations is heading for the buffers – hard. A hard Brexit maybe?….. Since my last blog, we now have the Government’s Brexit White Paper –…