Webinar recording: what North American companies should expect for UK business growth in 2021

15.12.20 / Insight posted in Articles, Brochures, Webinars

In this webinar, we discussed the latest findings from our recent UK-North America investment report. We were delighted to have been joined by Iain Wright, Director for Business and Industrial Strategy at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, who presented on the findings from the latest official UK Business Confidence Monitor. Our…


Webinar recording: What will fundraising look like in 2021?

01.12.20 / Insight posted in Articles, Brochures, Webinars

This year has not been quite like any other. But what has it taught us and how can we expect 2021 to pan out from a fundraising perspective? During the webinar our fundraising consultants reflected on their journey during 2020, and made predictions for the 2021 landscape and how fundraisers might both make the most…


Webinar recording: Movement of people – how Brexit will impact your international teams

27.11.20 / Insight posted in Articles, Brochures, Webinars

Brexit brings with it changes to the UK immigration system which international employers and employees need to be prepared for. Forward planning is essential to ensure that staff are eligible to continue to work and live in the UK and Europe. Social security arrangements, immigration and tax implications all require a review to ensure that…


Webinar recording: what have we learnt since lockdown?

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Since Lockdown began our Fundraising & Management team have presented more than 15 interactive webinars on finance, fundraising and impact to help charities deal with the uncertainty and changes they’re facing. They have also worked with a wide range of charities to support their activities and make them stronger during the pandemic. This interactive webinar…


Moore Kingston Smith Fundraising & Management services

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Moore Kingston Smith Fundraising & Management are a team of specialist charity advisers and practitioners. They help non-profit organisations understand the impact of their work and build financial sustainability through fundraising and addressing business models. Their key services include: Impact, Fundraising, Financial Sustainability and Knowledge and Strategy. For further details on how they can help…


Corporate criminal offence failure to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion

12.11.20 / Insight posted in Articles, Brochures

Your legal obligation All corporate bodies (including LLPs) and partnerships, regardless of size, have a legal obligation to ensure that ‘reasonable prevention measures’ are in place to prevent employees and other associates (for example, subcontractors) criminally facilitating tax evasion while acting on behalf of the business. If an associate is discovered to have criminally facilitated…


Steady, ready, sell

06.11.20 / Insight posted in Articles, Brochures

Most businesses are founded by people with a passion for creating ways to deliver better products or services to their clients. As the business grows, so its value increases and the owners consider a future sale to reap the reward of their hard work. But what is the right price, and how do you achieve…


Survive and thrive

18.08.20 / Insight posted in Brochures

If you are a business owner who has done all the immediate crisis management like furloughing staff and deferring tax payments, you might well be asking, “What do I do next to keep my business going?” Take heart, help is at hand. Our service is a quick, accessible and proven way to develop an action…


Webinar recording: an unlikely partnership – fundraising and finance working together

20.07.20 / Insight posted in Articles, Brochures

Fundraisers and finance professionals can often find themselves divided by a common language. Fundraisers are charged with bringing in the money, which finance professionals love, but equally fundraisers know they must spend money to raise money, and finance directors can find this scary. In the Coronavirus world the interface between finance and fundraising departments will…


Reminder: withdrawal of the ‘representative occupiers’ concession for living accommodation from 6 April 2021

14.07.20 / Insight posted in Articles, Brochures

Historically, a non-statutory exemption has applied in respect of employees provided with living accommodation and treated as representative occupiers since 5 April 1977. This exemption has also applied to successors to the particular post that carried representative occupier status. This exemption is an Extra Statutory Concession (ESC) and therefore not in legislation. HMRC have undertaken…