Winning the talent war – driving your business forward


Your people should be your biggest asset. But too often, businesses are held back or weakened by recruitment, retention and reward practices that aren’t strategically focussed. With so many competing priorities, how do you turn your talent into a reliable source of growth? Get an accurate picture The first and most important step is to…


Winning the talent war – adapting to new ways of working


The pandemic has shaken up our workplaces over the past 18 months. Now, as more and more parts of life get back to normal, what’s going to happen to the way people work? And what can you do to use any changes to the advantage of your business? Hybrid is here to stay Whether you…


Downloadable Talent 360 checklist: Optimise your people strategy


It’s a time of change for workplaces across all industries. Businesses are grappling with a range of people-related issues and concerns, as covered by our Business Doctor, including: Talent shortages Hybrid and home working Wage growth Increased demand for training Diversity and inclusion But there are opportunities for those who adapt quickly. And having a…


Winning the talent war – how to attract the best talent


Right now, across many sectors and industries, there’s a shortage of skills and available talent. Good candidates are in high demand. And as we emerge from the pandemic, businesses are looking to grow. In this challenging environment, how can you make sure you get your recruitment right and to attract the best talent? Focus on…


Winning the talent war – how to keep hold of your people


As the economy bounces back, you may be looking to expand and hire new staff. But beware. Not looking at what your existing people want, and need could land you with a bigger problem. If your talent starts to leave, more and more usually follows. Your priority should be to sort out your existing team.…


The Business Doctor: Winning the talent war


Whether it’s due to Brexit, the pandemic or a range of other market conditions, businesses across the UK are finding themselves caught in a war for talent. And if they’re not feeling it’s impact yet, it may be just a matter of time before they do. Join our Business Doctor, Clare Harrall, as she talks…


The Business Doctor: Taking control of your cash flow to ride out the Covid-19 shockwave


Has your financial model kept pace with the market changes driven by Coronavirus? How can you be confident you’re making the right choices now when you don’t know what lies ahead? Do you know how to take control of your cash flow to ride out the Coronavirus shockwave? Our Business Doctor, Clare Harrall, is joined…


Be the first to know about insolvencies to increase the chance of recovery


The Coronavirus support package from the government has kept many businesses afloat over the last 12 months. As this support is phased out, you may start to worry about the financial viability of your customer base. Did they take out government loans that will be due for repayment? Or will their staff costs become unmanageable…


The Business Doctor: Cash flow


Take control of your cash flow to ride out the Coronavirus shockwave How can you be confident you’re making the right choices now when you don’t know what lies ahead? By making sure you put up-to-date and accurate information at the heart of your decision-making processes. Get your forecasting right If you haven’t in the…


Business Doctor: My company has been struck off


EF writes: I have just discovered that my company was struck off the Companies House register nearly 12 months ago because it did not file accounts on time. I have continued to trade and my company bank account has operated as normal. What can I do to correct this? Once a company is struck off,…