Brexit – axe it, ace it or alter it?

31.10.19 / Insight posted in Articles, MKS News

The UK is heading for a general election on Thursday 12 December. With a deal on the table, all things Brexit are to be put on hold…but with the EU’s revised 31 January 2020 date for exiting looming fast. The new government will have a little over seven weeks to resolve the Brexit question. The…


economia: Lynne Rowland weighs up the pros and cons of UK’s inheritance tax

25.10.19 / Insight posted in MKS News

Lynne Rowland, partner at Moore Kingston Smith, analyses the positives and negatives of other countries’ approach to inheritance tax. She also looks at what the landscape might look like if the UK abolished what we know as inheritance tax. To find out more about inheritance tax and other such related tax services, contact us or…


The Times: Lynne Rowland’s and Mahendree Naidoo’s joint article examines abuses of LPAs

20.10.19 / Insight posted in MKS News

The article considers instances where the attorney’s actions are on purpose or in all innocence. It reiterates that the attorney’s allegiance must always first be the donor, rather than to maximise the outcome for the beneficiary. The article also looks at complaints and alternative options that might prove to be more secure arrangements. To find…


FT: Tim Stovold on tax consequences of Woodford Equity Income fund being wound up

19.10.19 / Insight posted in MKS News

Tim Stovold advises on how to cancel out tax due, where possible. Methods include using differing rates of capital gains tax, different tax years and spouse or civil partner’s allowances. To find out more about this and other such related tax services, contact us or visit our tax web page. Tim’s comment appears in the FT…


Taxation magazine: Lynne Rowland explores issues of tax planning by deputies and attorneys

19.10.19 / Insight posted in MKS News

The article looks at attorneys and deputies and their duties to the donor. Lynne Rowland refers to case law as well as court cases setting and overturning precedents. Also explored are gifts that do and don’t incur tax liability, and income vs care costs. To find out more about this and other such related tax…


Foresight versus hindsight for Brexit vision

15.10.19 / Insight posted in Articles, MKS News

It’s better to have taken (potentially unnecessary) precautions than to wake up on 1 November in no-deal reality with ‘if only’ regrets. Since Boris Johnson first came to office as Prime Minister on 24 July, every day has seemingly brought a new twist to the Brexit tale. And still, the possibility of a no-deal remains…


The Times: Guy Sterling consulted over deputyship overcharges by Office of Public Guardian

10.10.19 / Insight posted in MKS News

The Office of Public Guardian has been charging unduly high fees for registering deputyships appointed by the courts. Guy Sterling comments that a similar scenario happened several years ago with lasting powers of attorney and that those affected now need to apply for reimbursements. Full article here. Subscription needed.


Martin Muirhead appointed chair of APA

09.10.19 / Insight posted in MKS News

At the AGM of the Association of Practising Accountants (APA) on 7 October 2019, Martin Muirhead was appointed the new chair. Muirhead is senior partner of top 20 accountancy and business advisory firm Moore Kingston Smith. The APA represents a significant voice in the accountancy profession and has steadily gained prominence in recent years. Presented…


economia: Kingston Smith rebrands to Moore Kingston Smith

08.10.19 / Insight posted in MKS News

In May 2019, Kingston Smith joined the then Moore Stephens International and rebranded to Moore Kingston Smith in September. Full article here.


FT Adviser: Guy Sterling on long wait times for HMRC helpline

04.10.19 / Insight posted in MKS News

Guy Sterling voices concern over unacceptably long queues in HMRC telephone helpline. Those giving up and hanging up are not being recorded in the monitoring figures. Full article here.