Expanding your business internationally


Whatever the reason for expanding overseas, successfully becoming an international operation requires careful planning and consideration. While businesses will have differing priorities, they should be prepared to deal with local legal and regulatory requirements as well as other factors such as local tax and immigration requirements and dealing with different currencies. Our recent Enterprise Series…


Navigating HMRC’s R&D crackdown


In our recent Enterprise Series webinar, our R&D and tax experts focused on how organisations have experienced increased scrutiny from HMRC when submitting R&D tax relief claims. HMRC now require additional information to file R&D claims and are likely to initiate an enquiry to ensure the validity and accuracy of the claim before approving it.…


What can you do now to prepare for a potential change of government?


Our recent enterprise series webinar focussed on what a potential change of government could bring. The panel consisted of our tax, financial planning and employment law specialists, who highlighted the potential changes, risks and benefits change could bring. They also provided an insightful economic overview. How to prepare for a potential change of government Ensure…


Shape your payroll to reward your people


In a recent webinar, Adam Flight and Sally Elcome, explained the payroll changes coming up in the next six months that organisations need to be aware of, as well as the best way to communicate your total reward statement to your people. Top tips on shaping your payroll to reward your people National insurance Be…


Combatting fraud: Prevention, detection and recovery


Fraud can have widespread repercussions across various areas on any organisation. Those affected by fraudulent activities may face regulatory penalties, financial losses, harm to the company’s reputation, and potential compensation claims. Threats can come from a variety of sources, including your own employees. During our recent webinar, a panel of  and cyber security experts,  were…


Navigating a high inflation economy


With rising inflation currently marking the UK economy, various challenges such as decreased purchasing power, erosion of savings, increased investment uncertainty, and higher interest rates on loans come to front of mind. Given the UK’s consistent experience of growing inflation rates compared to other G7 nations, it becomes important to acquire a comprehensive understanding of…


How could later life care affect my plans for passing on wealth?


For  some, planning for later life may seem a long way off. However, it is important to ensure that your interests in terms of both health and wealth are looked after, as well as your loved ones. Giving your assets away without the correct advice could potentially leave you falling foul of deprivation of capital…


Enterprise Series: A simple guide to corporate philanthropy


Corporate philanthropy is increasingly high on business agendas. It can be a way for leaders to give back to the local community, engage their people and create a sense of purpose for their organisation. In our recent webinar, the panel discussed their experiences of setting up charitable foundations. We also heard from Moore Kingston Smith’s…


How you can demonstrate your ESG credentials the right way


Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is increasingly becoming top of the list on business agendas. However, you may be worried about perceptions of greenwashing when demonstrating your ESG credentials, which can put the efficacy of ESG practices and investment at risk. In our recent webinar, Jeremy Read and Charlie Killingbeck discussed various ways to demonstrate…


Top tips: What employers need to know in advance of compliance checks


The regulatory framework that employers operate in is more complicated now than ever with tax, pension, employment law and immigration issues to keep on top of. With areas changing quickly, laws being updated and new guidance being issued on a weekly basis, this is a lot to deal with as a leader in an organisation.…


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