Webinar recording: M&A in the media sector – the impact of AI


On 4 June 2024, we hosted a webinar on the impact of AI on M&A in the media sector, as part of our media corporate finance series. Chaired by Head of Media Esther Carder, the webinar featured James Poulter, who we recently advised on the sale of his AI consultancy Vixen Labs to House 337…


Foreign entertainers: UK tax obligations


Foreign entertainers and sports people are liable to UK tax on any income that they earn from a UK appearance even though they are not UK resident. In this video, Senior Tax Manager Nilam Chawla discusses the tax obligations of foreign entertainers, covering the following points. UK tax obligations that foreign entertainers need to consider…


Webinar: Schools under attack – why education is a target


While the education sector is already aware of the constant threat of cyber attacks, recent evidence suggests that the risks are now higher than ever before. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) reported 347 cyber incidents in the education and childcare sector in 2023, a 55% increase from 2022. In this webinar our expert panel will…


CharitEpulse: Is time up for TikTok?


In their latest podcast, our regular trio James Saunders, Charles Mesquita and Catherine Rustomji question some of the latest stories that have recently hit the headlines: Is time up for TikTok? Although seen as quite controversial at times regarding censorship and data and often misused, should charities be using it for the good of their…


Webinar recording: Data protection legislation – is your organisation compliant?


In our latest Moore ClearComm webinar, expert panel Richard Jackson and Meagan Mirza considered a range of fundamental concerns and issues that may cause you to question your organisation’s compliance and commitment to data privacy, and whether a review of your practices might be long overdue. Since the EU (now UK) GDPR came into force…


Webinar recording: Expanding your business internationally


Our latest Enterprise Series webinar focused on how businesses can expand further internationally. Our panel consisted of international and tax experts, Darren Jordan, Ruth Brennan and John Williams, who discussed the important considerations of international expansion, as well as the alternatives to expanding without setting up overseas.  The panel highlighted what businesses should be prioritising…


Webinar recording: Creating a sustainable family business – decision making and structure


We recently hosted the second in our series of family business webinars ‘Creating a sustainable family business’, presented by Silvia Vitiello, Yvette Jacobs-Lee, Alison Morris and Guy Sterling. The session focused on decision-making and structure within a family business and how this impacts not just the current performance of the business but its long-term future.…


Webinar recording: Ensure you remain compliant – employment law changes in 2024/25


2024 and 2025 are set to be busy years for HR and employment law in the UK, as employers will need to implement a variety of changes to ensure they remain compliant. Our People Partner, Jaime Gilmour, hosted a Q&A session with Donal Moon, our Employment Law Adviser, regarding the key employment law changes which…


Webinar recording: IT assurance and best practice


In our seventh webinar of the Moore ClearComm series, the panel highlighted the importance of IT auditing to further improve cyber security and data protection in your organisation. Regular host Rich Jackson was joined by colleagues Benjamin Ocquaye and Maritz Cloete.  Our expert panel discussed the purpose and benefits of IT Auditing, the added value…


CharitEpulse: Charities in 2024 and beyond – what to expect?


In their latest webinar and podcast, our regular trio James Saunders, Charles Mesquita and Catherine Rustomji delve into several thought-provoking topics on charities in 2024 and beyond: Greater recognition of the work of the sector and its place in society and how they are viewed by government. Challenges in relation to funding cuts and future plans…


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